Our Team.

  • President: Don Easton, Easton Painting, Inc.
  • Vice-President: Steve Adickes, Adix Painting, Inc.
  • Secretary: Charlie Gilley, Restoration Painting
  • Treasurer: Ken Sisco, Ken Sisco Painting, Inc.
  • Past President: Rich O’Neil, Masterwork Painting, Inc.
  • Executive Director: Judi Ricci, B T Builders, Inc.
  • PCA Liaison: Nick Slavik, Nick Slavic Painting


  • COPs: Developing Craftsman Operating Procedures (COPs) for all aspects of Residential Painting.
    • Chair: Richard O’Neil
  • Programming: Developing programming for EXPO & the Annual Craftsmanship Conference
    • Co-Chairs: Don Easton, Judi Ricci, Ken Sisco, Tony Severino
  • Newsletter & Website Team: Don Easton, Editor,  Judi Ricci, Publisher, Designer: Kelly O’Brien, Kelly Eileen Designs
  • Developing “Fundamentals in Painting” committee:
    • Chair: Charles Gilley
      Co Chair: Rich O’Neil
  • Hiring Committee: How to hire, Develop and Retain Craftsman.  John Bubenik of Color Craftsmen leads this talented group to define the traits, skills, attributes, and personalities that make up a great craftsman. John is chairman of the committee.
    • Tools & Work Products – NEW COMMITTEE –
      • Chair – Don Easton
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